It’s Official! CoolMasterNet is now compatible with all VRF systems worldwide!

We have created a great product, we can feel it. So, why not push the limit and make it even better? Indeed! We decided to go Haier, so to speak! :-) We are thrilled to announce that CoolMasterNet is now fully compatible with Haier VRF systems. As you may know, Haier is a China-based multinational HVAC manufacturer, along with other leading home appliances. As a part of its global mission to deliver personalized, home electronic devices, the company also develops VRF systems for consumer and commercial markets. Why is this important to you? Well, the CoolMasterNet now bridges the full spectrum of VRF HVAC systems, enabling direct control with CoolRemote mobile app and connectivity to your customers’ Smart Home. Our strategy is to maximize compatibility and Haier VRF systems were the last we covered, to allow Home Automation integrators to connect all of those stubbornly sophisticated VRF systems to home automation structures. How does this benefit your business? You can now advise your customers that no matter what type of VRF system they have installed in their home, you’ve got the power to make the HVAC system work with Savant, Creston, Control 4 or just about any other Smart Home system out there. Pretty cool, eh? How does it work? If the Haier VRF equipment, installed in your customers’ home appears on the list of supported models shown here below, you’re set to go! Supported Haier Models: Indoor Units: AB MCERA, AB MEERA, AC MCERA, AD MLERA, AD MMERA, AD MHERA, AS_MCERA Outdoor Units: AV_NMVERA, Series: MRV-2, MRV-3, MRV-4, MRV-4-C If you cannot find the model in the list, please contact us

We’ve mastered the challenges to deliver technology that is easy to implement and simple to use. Working with HVAC and home automation systems has never been easier.  CoolMasterNet speaks one language: simply smart. How can we help? We’re here to advise and support you all the way through installation and beyond. Get in touch with us, we’re an e-mail away. Cheers, CoolAutomation R&D Team

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