Chigo VRFCoolAutomation is honored to announce the compatibility and support of CoolMasterNet with all Chigo VRF air conditioning systems.

Based in China,GUANGDONG CHIGO AIR CONDITIONING CO., LTD is a professional Central Air Conditioning equipment manufacturer and supplier gradually expanding to become among the most prominent HVAC manufacturers and suppliers in China. In just 12 years the business grew to reach annual sales of 1,000,000 systems extending its product lines to light commercial products, VRF and modular Chillers becoming China’s most complete refrigeration industrial chain.  Company‘s agencies are spread out in 31 provinces covering most of China, as well as worldwide agencies in more than 150 countries.

image003CoolAutomation’s CoolMasterNet is a seamless, easy to install interface that allows customers to achieve control and monitoring of their air conditioning system via home automation / BMS controllers presenting the following main features:

  • Full bi-directional integration with any Home Automation/Building Management System (BMS) via RS232 (ASCII), RS485 (MODBUS-RTU), Ethernet (ASCII & MODBUS IP)
  • Individual indoor unit control: operation state (On/Off), Set Point temperature, Operation Modes (cool, heat, fan, dry, auto), fan speed and Louver control.
  • Monitoring of allimage004 controllable parameters, and also: Error codes, room temperature, filter sign.
  • Support of up to 256 indoor units (4 Available HVAC ports, supporting up to 64 indoor units each).
  • Using CoolAutomation’s  CoolRemote  ( App through the internet using any Smartphone, PC, tablet for a complete control and monitoring of the HVAC system including weekly scheduled operation, adapted to customer’s needs with unlimited number of actions.
  • Local centralized control of the HVAC system by the built-in touchscreen.
  • Configurable I/O’s (option) for integration with the building fire alarm system, using dry contacts system shutoff if required.

The following Chigo VRF product lines will be supported using CoolMasterNet: CMV-C, CMV-X, CMV-R, CMV-II, CMV i, CMV mini. For a complete updated Compatibility list of Chigo’s VRF including their supported indoor units check the compatability list.

This cooperation with GUANGDONG CHIGO AIR CONDITIONING in China is another successful effort by CoolAutomation to provide professional integrators and installers in the HVAC and Home Automation industry with hassle free seamless integration solutions for a wider range of advanced HVAC Systems.

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