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CoolMasterNet’s hardware was recently modified to comply with KNX standard. With this hardware development, CoolMasterNet seamlessly integrates with the KNX ecosystem, and is discoverable in ETS (all editions). 

CoolMasterNet KNX hardware

How Does the Integration Work?

CoolMasterNet is a Universal HVAC gateway. It enables a VRF HVAC to be accessible and fully controllable through the KNX-based devices, providing a bi-directional communication with real-time feedback.

To simply design your project with the ETS interface, and connect any VRF HVAC to a KNX-based installation: browse in the ETS library, and choose CoolMasterNet. You can connect any VRF HVAC to the KNX project. 

What is a VRF HVAC?

VRF HVAC communication and control is designed with a built-in, closed communication network that connects all the components: outdoor, indoor, and control panels. 

This sophisticated communication enables the HVAC to operate as a self-sustained system, with its own pre-defined automated logic that makes it highly efficient and low in energy consumption. 

Your goal as an integrator is to access the VRF’s internal communication system, integrate it into the KNX-based devices via CoolMasterNet, and gain the ability to control the indoor units of the HVAC.

CoolMasterNet ~ KNX allows you to make this integration simple and seamless. 

Are there any guidelines for this integration?

If you need tips on best practices to set up CoolMasterNet with KNX ETS, we have prepared a guide especially for integrators. 

In addition, here are 11 useful integration tips for you to read.

About KNX

KNX is a professional association and a technological communication standard, allowing the creation of connected home and office environments.

Convenience, simple connectivity, comfort, and energy efficiency are the driving values of the KNX organization and the professional community. 


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