A joint effort of the two companies, Philips Dynalite and CoolAutomation, lead to a successful training session for Dynalite integrators on latest HVAC integration solutions. If you happened to have missed the two sessions we offered on June the 8th 2017, you are welcome to access the recording on the link below.To simplify the demonstration, a project case study was presented:PILLOWS hotel in Amsterdam integration, implemented by Toverli.A challenging integration of a Mitsubishi HVAC system with Dynalite hotel management system.  

To learn more about HVAC integration solutions by CoolAutomation, that work smoothly with Philips Dynalite systems, please follow this link:


You will need a password to access Philips Dynalite training content, if you are not a listed dealer. To receive a password, please send us an email.

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