CoolAutomation Partners with AUX for CoolMasterNet

CoolAutomation is delighted to announce CoolMasterNet’s compatibility has been successfully extended to include the AUX Group’s VRF systems. 

As one of the largest HVAC manufacturers in China, this is a development that many CoolAutomation customers have been waiting for.

This development enables AUX installers the ability to partner with Home Automation integrators in order to significantly simplify the integration of AUX VRF with Home Automation control systems. As a result, AUX customers will now be able to control their VRF systems through a single controller.

AUX Group has been a leader in HVAC technology for over 24 years. With over 18,000 employees. AUX Group is in the top 4 within the Chinese market for Air Conditioners, manufacturing 7 million air conditioner units annually.

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