On June 8th 2016 CoolAutomation and iRidium Mobile have partnered together to host a joint webinar presented for iRidium’s global distribution channels. The webinar started with the lecturer, Engineer Evgeniy Ayzenberg who provided information about CoolAutomation as a world manufacturer and provider of innovative gateway solutions for the integration of Home Automation controllers and HVAC systems. Evgeniy gave special attention and focused on CoolMasterNet and CooLinkNet CoolAutomation’s flagship solutions that are successfully distributed and installed in more than 80 countries worldwide. That first part was followed by the lecturer Nikolay Rusanov, iRidium’s director of Smart Home Training center who thoroughly explained and demonstrated how to interface CoolMasterNet and CooLinkNet from the iRidium 3.0 platform. The webinar took place in two language-speaking sessions, English and Russian with 40 attendees who posed questions and showed great interest in the demonstrated solutions. Additional info can be seen at  : Click here for English version Video Click here for Russian version video Trainers: 

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