CoolAutomation’s CoolMasterNet is a seamless, easy to install interface that allows customers to achieve full BMS air conditioning system flexibility of their Samsung VRF DVM S system.

  • Full bi-directional integration with any Home Automation/Building Management System (BMS)
  • Complete control of the HVAC system through internet by any PC, tablet, smartphone
  • Local centralized control of the HVAC system by the built-in touchscreen
  • Weekly scheduled operation, adapted to customer’s needs with unlimited number of actions
  • Integration with the building fire alarm system, using dry contacts system shutoff in case of need.
CoolMasterNet controller can be used with all Samsung VRF DVM  systems, including DVM S® Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) for cooling and heating (Heat Pump), DVM S HR (Heat Recovery),  Mini DVM-S, Water Cooled DVM-S.


The Samsung DVM S is an innovative system that utilizes the new 3rd generation SSO Samsung Scroll Compressor technology. It has a Dual Digital Inverter, which offers greater durability than a single compressor and a Vapor Injection System, that increases the refrigerant flow rate by as much as 20% compared with conventional products. This combination of robust performance and top class efficiency, make it the ideal choice for all variable environments and large buildings. We are pleased to partner with Samsung and develop a direct bi-directional interface, which will provide simple, plug & play solution for the Home Automation integrators, HVAC installers and the end users.  

CoolMasterNet provides the following support:

  • Individual indoor unit control: operation state (On/Off), Setpoint temperature, Operation Modes  (cool, heat, fan, dry, auto), fan speed and Louver control.
  • Monitoring of all controllable parameters, and also: Error codes, room temperature, filter sign.
  • Support of up to 256 indoor units (4 Available HVAC ports, supporting up to 64 indoor units each).
  • Seamless, hassle free integration with any Home Automation system: Crestron, Control4, Savant, Lutron etc’.
  • Direct connection for KNX based automation networks.
  • Easy integration with any  HVAC Building Management system by standard Modbus RTU or IP protocols.
  • Interfaces via RS232 (ASCII), RS485 (MODBUS-RTU), Ethernet (ASCII & MODBUS IP) for all Samsung DVM - S units (for full compatibility, please follow the link)
  • Touch screen display, for system management and control.
  • Configurable I/O’s (option).
  • Emergency stop function based on dry contact for Fire Alarm applications.
  • — Remote access from Smartphone, Tablet and PC platforms.( with integration by API (future option).
  • Weekly/Daily schedule control via CoolRemote
  • Multi-User and guest permission setup.
With the ability to control multi-type HVAC systems and integrate them into the same unified interface, CoolAutomation’s solutions provide Home Automation Integrators and HVAC installers with seamless, complete control over the integration of their systems as yet another avenue for the integrators and dealers to increase their project profitability.

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