CoolAutomation at CEDIA 2016 – Week in Rewind

It was quite an exciting week for the CoolAutomation team at CEDIA 2016, hosted in Dallas this year. CEDIA has been a successful platform for presenting our portfolio for four consecutive years, and it felt like home being back in Dallas for the second time.

At this year’s show, product integrators highlighted their interest in an HVAC-connecting challenge. The CoolMasterNet is unique communication solution that is attracting the attention of savvy integrators who are successfully applying the technology and impacting the industry by spreading the word among colleagues.
After all, it isn’t every day that an integrator can confidently state that VRF/V HVAC are easily connected to Home Automation systems with one simple Plug and Play solution. And so, we stood up to the challenge, demonstrating a reliable bridge to any leading home automation system that also empowers consumers with the freedom to control HVAC through home control applications. We also presented a BETA solution that allows a solid connection of the Split HVAC systems. More on that soon, so stay tuned for imminent updates.
As a long-time integration partner in our industry, we also met with colleagues at Control 4, Savant, Lutron, URC and others, with the intention of expanding our ongoing cooperation. As we develop our plans for the upcoming year, our objective is to leverage these valuable partnerships alongside our leading technology. Stay tuned for breaking updates!
Finally, thanks to everyone who took part in our photo contest #connectingHVAC! Submit your snapshot by the end of this week and no later than Saturday, September 24, 2016 to participate in the contest. The total ‘Likes’ will be counted October 19th and the official winner will be announced on November 2, 2016. Votes are still open so invite friends and family to ‘like’ your photos with our team at CEDIA. Grand prize winners will receive the coolest Smartwatch. Who knows, maybe it’s you?
See you next time @ CEDIA 2017!
Photos from the show:

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