Control4 released an updated driver for CoolMasterNet to allow improved bi-directional communication between HVAC and Control4 system. The following functions were improved specifically for  CoolMasterNet zone driver:

  1. Scheduling is now available
  2. “Change filter” message can be reset once the filter is changed.
  3. New combined heating mode added (heat and auxiliary heat). This function is especially relevant in cases where ThermoPad is used for controlling the HVAC unit and underfloor heating simultaneously.
  4. Control4 system now indicates real-time status of the HVAC unit, also when updated through the HVAC native control. This update allows HVAC controls to be in sync with Control4 system.
For full detailed release notes please look at the Control 4 updated firmware release. This firmware update allows Control4  integrators robust integration with supported HVAC units using CoolMasterNet and CooLinkNet. Climate settings and HVAC control with Control4 and CoolAutomation integration solutions are now significantly improved. Assure the same experience for your customers today! Want to know more about HVAC integration with Control4? Contact us now!

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