Beyond standard HVAC installations: Offer your clients online HVAC control with a stand-alone HVAC Automation solution

Online control of HVAC systems is a growing need that many HVAC engineering companies report.
An increasing number of end-clients actively seek a fully automated HVAC solution that will allow them better control of their assets while saving money on electricity, and this is what we call – an OPPORTUNITY.
I know what you’re thinking now…
“If only I could offer my clients a solution that answers their needs, I could bring in many more of those incoming deals…”
Well… Yes, you can!
We have a solution for you, and it’s quite easy to implement.
CoolRemote - HVAC control for iPhone, Android and WindowsAn online control app that along with our existing HVAC bridges, provides a full stand-alone HVAC automation system without the need for a Home Automation System. Furthermore, this is a two-way solution, that not only dictates what changes to make, but also enables the homeowner to read the current HVAC situation at any given moment.
Sounds interesting? Here’s even more
Our solution consists of two main parts: an HVAC bridge that connects multiple HVAC units to the internet, and a cloud-based app that enables the control of those HVAC units from anywhere, anytime.
For HVAC engineering companies – such a solution is very easy to put together and offer to their clients as a bundle.
What we offer for HVAC professionals:
1. One CoolRemote App to remotely control and monitor HVAC indoor units over the Internet from any platform, no need for Home Automation controller.
2. One HVAC bridge (CoolMasterNet or CoolinkNet) supporting all major VRV / VRF HVAC types.
3. Simultaneous support for multiple HVAC brands. e.g. Daikin + Mitsubishi for the same job.
4. Only one pair of wires to connect on the HVAC front end.
5. Easily configured and installed for immediate indoor units identification.
6. Can be installed in parallel or without HVAC’s original central controller and/or stat.
7. Touch screen panel for monitoring and backup operation.
8. HVAC brands to be supported can be easily switched at field level.
9. Increase their chance to win a job.
10. Increase their immediate income from the job.
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