Connect VRF, Split and Multi-split systems to Building Management Systems (BMS).

BACnet is a widely accepted protocol, commonly used in Building Management System HVAC integration. BMS air conditioning systems, having lagged for years behind the digital revolution, are now shifting towards open protocol communications solutions where BACnet adoption is increasing. That is why we have decided to add this feature to our gateways.

The feature is now available on CoolMasterNet, a VRF HVAC communication bridge that covers all familiar VRF brands and models.

By the end of Q3, the new feature will be added to CooLinkHub and CooLinkNet, allowing you to integrate split and Multi-split HVAC systems as well.

So, what’s in it for you?

  • Save time and energy when integrating any VRF with Building Management Systems
  • CoolMasterNet helps eliminate the need for an additional intermediate gateway
  • CoolMasterNet plug & play installation connects up to 256 indoor units, saving you hours on configurations

How to connect?

When ordering one of our devices for integration, tick the BACnet activation field, and we’ll configure accordingly.

Once you receive the device, make sure you use the relevant connection ports when performing the integration. Use our "BACnet Integration Guide" to use the right commands for system setting.

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