Daikin VRV to Home Automation

Daikin VRV’s, and any of Daikin HVAC system types, pose a real challenge for Home Automation professionals when it comes to integration. And it is a growing pain of many: 1 of 10 integrators come across an HVAC system that seems impossible to integrate. So much so that may professionals leave their customers with no solution for their VRV control.

To help you streamline this non-trivial integration we have gathered all the essential information about your Daikin VRV integration and connectivity options to home automation central controller. 

Daikin Gateway

As you have already discovered, the VRV communication and control is nothing like traditional unitary HVAC, that rely on a 24v Thermostat. The next-generation HVAC is designed to operate as a self-sustained system, with its pre-defined automated logic, using a built-in communication network to connect all the components: outdoor, indoors, control panels. Accessing this network and achieving the ability to control and monitor the indoor units is the integrator’s goal. It is achievable only by using a communication gateway, that will allow Home Automation devices to be a native part of the HVAC network. No latency. No failure points. 

Such a solution has been in place for 13  years: CoolMasterNet. The demand has been increasingly growing across the globe, mainly thanks to Daikin VRV’s increased penetration worldwide. The device connects directly to the communication system of the VRV and allows the integrator to use the Home Automation components like thermostats, keypads, controllers, and apps to control and monitor all the indoor units. In sync with all the native HVAC control devices within the network. This is your Daikin gateway. 

Daikin VRV Home Automation using CoolMasterNet

The advantage of this solution is that it’s a universal gateway that supports all the major Home Automation brands like Crestron, Lutron, Control4, Savant, Signify (Philips-Dynalite). It replaces the need in Daikin adapters or Daikin I Touch that are offered by the manufacturers, but has a long list of disadvantages, including cumbersome setup and multiple failure points, when applied. When you are searching for a Daikin RS232 or a Daikin RS845 or Daikin Ethernet connections, you will find a need in an intermediary device, CoolMasterNet that will present you with such connectors.

This solution is also applicable to KNX communication standard, so popular in Europe. CoolMasterNet is your Daikin KNX interface.

This is the full list of Home Automation brands the device supports:
BeckhoffHDLOn Controls
BitWisei2Phillips Dynalite
CrestronLegrandSchneider Electric
CUE C-BusLevitonSmartBus
Embedded SystemsMaar Automation SoftwareURC

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Can Voice Controls connect to Daikin VRV? 

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa most popular Smart Home devices and are in high demand amongst the consumers. And yet no solution exists to connect the Daikin VRV systems to cloud-based Voice Controls. Despite the best efforts of the Home Automation manufacturers, none of the solutions are working for the VRV’s. The fact that the system operates based on its internal logic, with a built-in communication network that syncs the components, poses a new type of challenge: a local proprietary communication of the VRV needs to communicate with cloud-based technology. 

The solution lies in digitalizing the Daikin VRV system and making HVAC units discoverable by cloud-based software of the voice controls. To create a digital representation of the Daikin VRV on the cloud, the system needs internet access and an HVAC cloud that was designed to identify and work in sync with the Daikin VRV system. 

CoolMasterNet provides exactly that, thanks to CoolAutomation HVAC designated cloud, that is specially developed to identify and digitalize VRV Systems. A direct connection of CoolMasterNet to the VRV allows the Air Conditioning system units to be controlled by CoolAutomation’s cloud, CoolRemote. Connecting the Smart Device cloud to the CoolRemote cloud creates a direct link between the VRV and the Voice Control system. And so a connection between the VRV’s indoors and the Voice Control is established.

Daikin VRV to Google Assistant Amazon Alexa

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How about Smart Thermostats?

The traditional wall thermostat is the holy grail of home controls, has evolved to a highly demanded smart device. ecobee SmarThermostat is a great example of the new generation devices that are initially designed to control simple unitary HVAC’s.

However as those are being replaced with advanced Daikin VRVs, the integrators need a solution to connect a smart device to a VRV HVAC with its sophisticated communication system.

Very much like the Voice Control, the ecobee Smart Thermostat processing takes place in the cloud. The Daikin VRV needs to be linked to the ecobee’s cloud, to establish the connection and allow the ecobee to control the air conditioner. By connecting the CloudBox to Daikin VRV the system is digitally represented on CoolRemote cloud. Thanks to our development the ecobee cloud is linkable to CoolRemote cloud, allowing Daikin VRV to be lined to ecobee control system.

Daikin VRV Home Automation using CoolMasterNet

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