Crestron and VRF HVAC Integration & Control Made Simple

Crestron and VRF HVAC Integration & Control

Why is Crestron integration with VRF and VRV HVAC systems can get so complicated?

Crestron integration with VRF and VRV HVAC is a non-trivial task. As surprising as it sounds, not every HVAC system is designed to work with home automation systems by the snap of your fingers. You must have already encountered some if not all the HVAC brands that puzzled you or your fellow integrators: Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Samsung, LG, and many others. That is because those are VRF HVAC types of systems.

OK, so what is a VRF HVAC?

VRF/VRV HVAC communication and control is nothing like traditional Unitary HVAC, that rely on a 24v thermostat. This advanced HVAC technology includes a built-in communication network that connects the outdoor, the indoor and the control panels of the HVAC system. This sophisticated communication enables the HVAC to operate as a self-sustained system, with its own pre-defined automated logic that makes it so much more efficient. Your goal as an integrator is to access this communication system and make Crestron devices be a part of it and control the indoor units of the HVAC.

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And what connectivity is available within Crestron solutions?

There are myriad options that Crestron offers to the integrators, and the solutions vary greatly, depending on your project.

Crestron Home integration to a VRF HVAC

Crestron home is a smart home technology system, that allows the consumers to bring their ideas of home to life, in an inviting, comfortable, secure, and entertaining way. It is, in fact, a new generation of Pyng OS that includes a new user interface, native applications, TSW touchscreen, and more. The main advantage of this system is the simplicity of the setup and a short time turnaround for each project to be completed.

The concept of comfort inherently includes indoor climate optimization. And in many cases, the homeowners that invest in Crestron Home are more likely to invest in the advanced VRF HVAC.

So how can you connect the two systems and provide your clients with the ultimate experience?

Understanding the need, today there is an effective solution for integration of the VRF through Crestron BACnet thermostats.

How does it work?

Crestron and VRF HVAC Integration & Control

CoolMasterNet enables a VRF HVAC to be accessible and fully controllable through the Crestron thermostats, main controller, control panels, and mobile app, providing bi-directional communication with real-time feedback. Crestron BACnet thermostats communicate with CoolMasterNet over BACnet IP.

One universal HVAC gateway will give you access to all VRF systems. Plug and Play installation, simple set up through your Crestron Home Setup App and BACnet Device Explorer.

Which VRF HVAC systems can be connected?

You can integrate all leading VRF HVAC leading brands. Check out the list here:

CoolMasterNet HVAC compatible brands
Blue StarIntensitySamsung
GreeMitsubishi ElectricYork
HaierMitsubishi Heavy

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