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A word from our customers
After integrating VRF systems for 20+ years, the method I choose again is through CoolMasterNet. It simplifies the communication to a complex HVAC system, and it allows to control it locally via a home automation system (Crestron, Savant, etc.) and remotely for diagnostics purposes. We rely on CoolAutomation solutions in high-end residential projects installed by the top-notch HVAC contractors in New York City. The solution never fails!
Sal Navaro, Technical Director
We have been using CoolAutomation's CoolMasterNet solution for more than a decade. Without CoolMasterNet, HVAC integration was not efficient and time-consuming. Each HVAC manufacturer has its own protocol, so we had to understand each one and create a separate module for each brand. We also used different adapters. Sometimes they worked, sometimes not. Once we started using CoolMasterNet, everything became easier, simpler, and faster. All we need to do is connect the HVAC to CoolMasterNet, and to the Home Automation controller - and the HVAC is integrated in no time.
Sergey Staroseletski, Integrator
From a service manager's position, having the ability to remotely monitor and diagnose is a real benefit for our company and our clients. It both saves time and money, and best of all - ensures minimal downtime, compared to traditional diagnostic methods. The GUI is fantastic, making for easy diagnostics and having the ability to sort data accordingly.
Josh Morgan, Service Manager
Using CoolAutomation has saved us countless hours of call outs and labor, minimizing time by utilizing their unique cloud-based solution. By diagnosing the Daikin VRV equipment remotely and efficiently, senior technicians ensure minimal equipment downtime. We can set schedules, restrict wall controller operation, set auto heat/cool logic, change over rules and monitor real-time energy consumption. Using these control strategies has already reduced energy and maintenance costs and presumably increased equipment lifespan.
Alan Bedford, Facilities Manager
The Coolmaster Gateway integrated smoothly with Legrand's MYHOME Automation system in a stylish new home with a 12 zone VRF HVAC system. As soon as the HVAC bus was connected to the gateway it picked up all of the zones immediately, so it was just a matter of assigning the Legrand Living Now Thermostats to the zones picked up by the Coolmaster and job done! Always nice to see systems working together so well, and that's thanks to CoolAutomation’s quality device.
Tomi Brcic, Technical and Services Manager
Integrating CoolAutomation's CoolMaster devices with the RTI home automation system was straightforward. This integration allowed my client to control all 12 air conditioners in his house via the RTI app on his iPhone. As someone who uses a wheelchair, he finds this setup particularly useful for easy access and control. CoolAutomation’s solution has significantly improved the comfort and convenience in his home.
Luke Pandolffo