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Contrôlez efficacement vos systèmes CVC
comme jamais auparavant

CoolAutomation est un leader mondial des solutions intelligentes pour les systèmes CVC, spécialisé dans les systèmes DRV, Split et les pompes à chaleur. Avec plus de 10 000 clients dans plus de 100 pays, nos produits innovants permettent une intégration transparente du CVC, une gestion de parc, la maintenance, les diagnostics et un contrôle universel des systèmes.

Fondé en 2009, CoolAutomation est devenu le choix incontournable pour les entreprises de services CVC, les intégrateurs Domotique et Tertiaire, les gestionnaires de bâtiments et les gestionnaires d’installations souhaitant améliorer leur service en réalisant des économies d’énergie et réduire les coûts d’exploitation des sites résidentiels et commerciaux.


Ron Zauderer
Co-Founder & Chairman
HVAC master with 25 years of experience in the HVAC world. His curiosity and professionalism has always fueled his search to find the next challenge and the new technology that will take the industry forward.
Yaron Benvenisti
Chief Executive Officer
A technophile entrepreneur and the most recent addition to the CoolAutomation family, Yaron has proved his management and leadership qualities in a long series of successful startups.
Roy Muchtar
EVP Products
Driving the customer-oriented DNA and soul of the company, Igor is a HVAC and Home Automation expert with a long mechanical and electrical engineering background.
Dorit Regerman
VP Finance & HR
Alex brings invaluable professional experience in embedded software applications and system programming and is the technology visionary and expert behind the CoolAutomation line of products.
Alexander Kholodenko
Co-Founder and CTO
Sasha is an electronics and electrical engineering wizard and the brains behind CoolAutomation’s unparalleled hardware creativity.
Sivan Caspi
Head of Marketing
The former head of Vantage Home automation and a senior executive at Legrand, Koen brings a strategic vision and deep business understanding to the global markets CoolAutomation competes in.
Koen Pepermans
EVP Sales Biz Dev EMEA & APAC
Ben brings a wealth of sales and marketing experience and is a real team player with superb interpersonal skills. Most importantly, he is a control and remote access savvy, so he really knows his stuff.
Igor Mitbarg
Co-Founder and VP Services
Yoram is an experienced Customer Success VP. He is passionate about providing the best customer service and journey experience, and always strives to bring the best representation of the customer’s voice to the table.
Yoram Dagan
EVP Customer Success
Product visionary with years of experience in driving innovative technology products for various industry leading companies, Roy joined the CoolAutomation team to drive its product portfolio to the next level.
Eyal Rapoport LLB (Hons)
EVP Operations
With experience in management, legal, business development, and marketing Eyal is a multi-tasking master and the driving force behind CoolAutomation’s efficiency.
Ben Shipley
VP North America Sales
A media and content data octopus, Vicky seamlessly moves between hands-on marketing activities to defining and executing high level marketing strategy.
Adam Itshar
A seasoned and entrepreneurial software development manager and architect, with a very long record and experience in leading software teams and bringing quality cloud-based products to the market.
Alexander Troitsky
Co-Founder and Head of Manufacturing
Dorit is an accounting and finance guru whose talent provides a friendly and effective environment while maintaining a laser focus on the time-sensitivity of the company’s financial responsibilities.

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