Smart management solutions for
VRF HVAC systems

CoolAutomation Cloud solutions cover a wide range of capabilities, addressing the needs of the different stakeholders in any operation related to HVAC systems.
Starting from very basic tools for remotely controlling an AC unit, all the way to the more advanced tools of remotely servicing a complex site with multiple VRF & HVAC systems of different brands and models, you can select the application suite package that best fits your needs.

HVAC Operations Packages

HVAC Operations allows you to be in full control of your HVAC status across any number of systems, brands, and locations. You can control energy efficiency and optimize it to ensure regulatory compliance.

Leveraging innovative machine-learning tools, you can prevent excess power usage, detect performance malfunctions, enforce operational modes, receive alerts, and more. You can also add external sensors and apply automatic logic on the building spaces based on sensor readings, weather and system status.

Predictive and Remote Diagnostic Packages

Remotely detect HVAC system anomalies early while they are still minor – or before they happen and prevent system downtime. By receiving push notifications on malfunctions that are about to occur, you can fix any system issue pre-emptively, preventing deterioration into system failure. Keep your clients’ HVAC system at top performance, by setting a set of anomaly rules that are constantly monitored by the HVAC Predictive Maintenance solution.

HVAC Predictive Maintenance provides another layer of insurance for the period between scheduled maintenance visits, allowing you to optimize your maintenance visits.

How It Works

The CoolAutomation solution features the CloudBox, a robust cloud-based application suite and an IoT-enabling edge device.

The CloudBox device plugs into any VRF HVAC system in a plug & play process, automatically detecting the VRF system and all units.

Once connected to the cloud, all brand-specific parameters of the connected systems are available and continuously collected, analyzed and accessible to the user through the application tools, for monitoring the HVAC system, receiving notifications of system anomalies or deviation from regular system performance or simple controls.


Detection of System Abnormalities to Avoid Deterioration
The robust anomaly engine runs complex rules, processing hundreds of system data points, real time and historic values, for early detection of abnormalities before they become a major issue or cause complete system downtime.
Multi Brand, Cross Site, Unified Interface
Connect any of the major VRF HVAC systems across all your sites, using a unified, intuitive graphical interface.
Remote Control, Monitoring & Diagnostics
Constantly monitor the system’s performance, receive real time notifications on abnormal behavior, and analyze remotely - from the comfort of your office.
Optimize Site HVAC Operations
Tools to set regiments for site operations. Enforce schedules, restrict access to unit controls and settings, and automate operations by correlating with external sensors.
Energy Savings
Get actual power usage of each system and drill down to the level of each indoor unit. Detect extreme and peak consumption levels and address them on time to save energy costs.
Periodic Usage and Performance Reports
Increase awareness of the site’s operations, performance, and energy consumption. Detect potential trending issues and easily share with the organization’s stakeholders.


About Us

CoolAutomation is the industry leader of solutions that enable HVAC systems to be locally or remotely controlled, managed, and serviced. Our solutions are designed to allow any climate system to be internet-connected easily, securely, and reliably.
CoolAutomation’s unique combination of devices and cloud-based technologies are the next evolution of IoT. They are crucial to any professional in the HVAC, facility management and automation industries.
CoolAutomation is a global company headquartered in Israel, with tens of thousands of customers in over 90 countries and offices in the United States.


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