Samsung VRF
Integrated through Developers API Integration
Smart Outdoor Glass Squash Courts
Case Study


Tpoint – Smart Outdoor Squash Clubs

Tpoint built smart, fully autonomous outdoor squash courts for the municipality of Tel Aviv at Neve Sharet Country Club. The courts are fully automated and do not require any human intervention from the country club’s side.

Tpoint uses a unique application that provides the squash players with full control over the court: court orders and payment, finding opponents, control over lightning, doors, HVAC, and more.

Tpoint’s idea was to be able to scale the court’s concept; a solution that can be recreated globally, while using Tpoint’s own application.


The challenge of this project was to fully implement the HVAC control into Tpoint’s app, without the need to use an HVAC control app for this purpose.

Tpoint also wanted to recreate the court’s concept in every new court it builds around the world. This means that the HVAC equipment may vary in a specific site, but Tpoint will not have to redevelop the integration specification.


HVAC  – Samsung VRF 16 Ton (4 VRF outdoor units with 4 Air Handling Units)

Tpoint’s app


Instead of relying on older protocols, Tpoint has decided to use the Developers API solution (REST API platform).

CoolAutomation Cloud API solution allows for full integration with developed apps that need to communicate directly with CoolMasterNet through cloud communication. 

This ability enables the squash players to control the HVAC and all the mentioned functions, directly through Tpoint’s app. 

CoolAutomation’s solution connects with all the leading HVAC brands through unified API, making this solution transferable, and allowing Tpoint to implement it in other integration sites – with no need to redevelop the integration in each and every site.

Diagram of CoolAutomation Developer's API