Mitsubishi Electric VRF HVAC Integration with Philips Dynalite Automation System

Mitsubishi Electric VRF HVAC Integration with Philips Dynalite Automation System
The customer

PILLOWS ANNA VAN DEN VONDEL is a 4-star hotel in Amsterdam, ranked 5 of 5 by visitors and is ranked #7 out of 387 hotels in the city by TripAdvisor.

“Cute boutique hotel that shows exactly why the little things matter.”
Hotel visitor feedback

The Integration Challenge

Implementing the following project objective list with a simple, robust solution that always works.

• Integration with Mitsubishi HVAC system
• User control functionality: Air Conditioning On/Off , Temperature Setpoint control,
Fan speed control
• Use Antumbra temperature sensor as a reference for the HVAC system (“Feed temperature”)
• Achieving acceptable latency/response time between both systems (Phillips Dynalite and Mitsubishi Electric) : User feedback functionality – On/Off, Setpoint, alarm code (when occurs)

The Solution
The Solution
The integrator
The Solution
The Solution
Using a single universal bridge, that is native to Mitsubishi HVAC and to Philips Dynalite Dynet protocols. This solution allows avoiding third-party integration platforms such as BACnet that is foreign to both systems, that usually leads to many communication challenges.
The integrator
The integrator
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Easier to install with fewer points of failure then the current conventional options
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Providing system status and confirmation that commands sent have been executed