Mitsubishi Electric VRF
Remote Diagnostics
and Service Case Study
Error code 5013

Customer challenge

System error code 5103 in bedroom number 5, Air Conditioning indoor unit.
The error is triggered due to abnormal Thermistor reading.
One of the following reasons may be the cause:

Return Air
Liquid Pipe Sensor
Gas Pipe Sensor
The Traditional Course of Action

Visit the site, access the system physically and:

Check if the Sensors fixed properly to the Terminal Block
Check resistance of the sensors (5.3k ohm @ 25°C)
Check if Faulty PCB not reading correctly, collect new data and verify the fix
Remote Service Course Of Action
Remote Diagnostic
Service Engineer accessed CoolAutomation's HVAC Remote Diagnostics solution
to check system history.
Searching for the error cause
Looking at the AC unit's operation data for the last hour,
all thermistor readings are Normal.
Using Historic Data
Looking at the HVAC Remote Diagnostics solution historical data for the last 7 days, we see spikes in the Gas Pipe Sensor. Therefore, it seems that this sensor is faulty and must be replaced (it is less likely that the indoor unit PCB is mistranslating the temp reading only sometimes. Also, the sensor connection should be checked to make sure it is properly placed.

Using Traditional HVAC Service vs Remote

Traditional HVAC Service
Remote Service
Multiple trips to the site are likely, as an engineer may need several visits before he can witness the error in real-time
A single trip to the site
Many hours of engineer time
One hour of engineer time on-site
Multiple days of system downtime
Minimal system downtime

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