Today’s Default Approach

So, you’re considering a new integration project, laying out all the workable solutions, so when the time comes you’ll be able to do it blindfolded. The central light control integration you finished last week by Savant for an owner of a brand-new villa, a projection system by Crestron or Control 4 you recently integrated in the meeting room of a fancy new high-tech office.

But this project is different… This is a HVAC VRF integration that takes you slightly out of your comfort zone. But hey! You're no coward, you relish new challenges!

Except that this time it’s not so simple…

Let’s say you get the HVAC installer to understand what you need, and he manages to find a device provided by the HVAC VRF manufacturer. His solution, by default, will involve a BACNET based controller. And now we’re entering unfamiliar territory in terms of time and investment, since BACnet is not that common in the Home Automation world.

You are going to have to look for a Home Automation solution that will connect to the HVAC side. The problem is, you have no idea how much time it will take to install, pair and connect the systems. Naturally, you tell yourself, that if you get lost or find yourself in limbo, you can always rely on support from the HVAC installer.

Well, not always..

The installer won’t be much help since his professional domain is HVAC installation, not controls. The manufacturer support team? ‘…Your call is very important to us, you are number 13 in line…”

HVAC integration using BACnet Gatewya

You are probably not even sure which details can help avoid the frustration you experienced last time. After all, the technology changes so fast that it’s impossible to keep track of it all, especially in such a foreign industry like HVAC.

So, What’s the Alternative?

What if I told you that there is an HVAC universal gateway, which is native for both VRF HVAC and Home Automation systems, and also eliminates the unnecessary conversion to 3rd party platforms, such as BACNET?

HVAC integration with CoolMasterNet

CoolMasterNet allows you to integrate all VRF systems by Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, LG, Hitachi (JCI), Trane, Fujitsu, Carrier (Toshiba), Samsung and many others. One simple smart device for pain-free integration with all VRF systems. CoolMasterNet is your secret weapon to mastering your time when integrating heavy-duty HVAC installations.

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And We’re Not the Only Ones to Think So :-)

Home Automation manufacturers have voted for our solution too: Every major Home Automation manufacturer has developed dedicated drivers, published it in their driver database, allowing us to deliver on our promises.

CoolMasterNet is simply plugged in by Ethernet connection to the dedicated home automation system. The driver can be easily and manually uploaded (or in some cases automatically, such as Control4).

So, What’s in It for You?

In startling contrast to your other options, the CoolMasterNet benefits are clear:

Easy Installation

  • Simplicity - auto detect on the HVAC side, with built-in driver on the Home Automation side
  • Plug & Play - easily install the device yourself, HVAC components are auto-detected, and provide all the control you need
  • Built-in drivers make trouble-free configuration of Home Automation control

High Performance

  • Ongoing instant communication with instant data retrieval from the HVAC system
  • Energy management analysis, retrieved from the HVAC system’s power consumption data

Reliable Service

  • Remote system diagnosis, anytime, from anywhere!
  • One point-of-contact for support and service


  • Robust and dependable solution, with a single fail point
  • Native communication protocol for both sides (HVAC and Home Automation)
  • Less protocol conversions

Lower Cost

  • Significantly reduced cost of ownership (CMNET costs less than BACNET gateways (bought separately for the HVAC and Home Automation sides)
  • Considerably shortened integration time - so less costs till project completion
  • Reduced service and support costs (due to remote connection capabilities)
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