CoolAutomation Management

Igor Mitbarg, CEO CoolAutomation

Igor Mitbarg

CEO Co-founder

Five years ago Igor together with Ron Zauderer founded Cool Automation with the purpose of providing unique integration solutions aiming at the HVAC markets in general and the rapidly growing VRV/VRF HVAC markets in particular. Since then, under Igor’s leadership, the company has grown to become a world leader and supplier of such solutions with distribution channels in more than 50 countries including those of N.A, Europe, South East Asia and Oceania. Igor brings with him a vast amount of knowledge and practical experience in the design and integration of air conditioning solutions having deep acquaintance and understanding of customers’ requirements everywhere. Igor has B.S.M.E and B.S.E.E degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering.

Alexander Kholodenko CTO, Co-founder

Alexander Kholodenko

CTO,  Co-founder

Having assumed senior technology positions working for leading technology firms, Alexander (Alex) provides Cool Automation with invaluable professional experience in s/w applications and system programming. These high skills of Alex have unquestionably helped the company to address and fulfill unattended market requirements to simplify the integration process of VRV / VRF air conditioning systems and Home Automation / BMS controllers. Alex has an MA degree in Computer Networks and Systems.

Alexander Troitsky H/W developer, Co-founder

Alexander Troitsky

H/W developer, Co-founder

Alexander (Sasha) is a well experienced h/w engineer with an extensive background in the development of digital and analog electronic circuits for monitoring and operation control of industrial systems, manufacturing process automation, and computer embedded systems. Sasha’s high engineering skills have helped the company to meet its development goals while on a very tight and demanding schedule. Sasha has M.Sc. degree specialising in h/w development.

Ron Zauderer Business Development, Co-founder

Ron Zauderer

Business Development,  Co-founder

Ron is a second generation to a family in the business of refrigeration and air conditioning. Ron brings with him over 25 years of deep knowledge and understanding of air conditioning systems specialising in the design and integration of VRV / VRF systems and solutions. Five years ago, arising from Ron’s field experience and market’s need for innovative solutions, together with Igor, Alex and Sasha they founded Cool Automation to continually develop and provide the HVAC market with what has been missing. Ron’s active involvement helps to set out company’s vision influencing products road map for the years to come.


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