Product Description

ThermoPad is a new touch screen control panel for air conditioning and heating purposes. It’s “flat with the wall” design is fully compatible with different Bticino and Gewiss 3 modules plastic covers makes it very convenient and flexible for any interior design. The built in temperature sensor and different communication functions enable connecting the ThermoPad to any Home or Industrial control systems. Controllable Digital, Analog and PWM I/O’s make the product flexible for any customer’s specific demands.

CentralPad - 6 Selectable Operation Modes

6 Selectable Operation Modes

Six operation modes (Cool, Heat, Fan, Dry, Auto, Auxiliary Heat) are available and can be individually enabled or disabled to meet specific HVAC system application requirements.

ThermoPad - Timer Functions

Timer Functions

ThermoPad supports Weekly and Sleep Timers. Weekly Timer allows to program the unit for up to 50 operations based on a weekly schedule. The Sleep Timer allows turning the unit on/off, once, after defined time period.

CentralPad Swing and Fan Speeds

Fan Speed control

ThermoPad allows selecting 4 steps of fan speed: High, Medium, Low and Auto. It also enables to turn the Swing ON or OFF for air conditioning units that can support this function.

ThermoPad - Controlling Additional Heating Applications

Controlling Additional Heating Applications

When using “Auxiliary Heat” mode ThermoPad can be used for controlling additional heating, such as heating with electrical heaters or underfloor heating, using its on board programmable Digital/Analog PWM outputs.

ThermoPad - Communication


ThermoPad is fully controllable over RS485 network using standard ModBus RTU protocol or propitiatory ASCII interface. In the future ThermoPad will be available with C-Bus and EIB support.

ThermoPad - leave home

Leave Home

The Leave Home function is provided for energy conservation purposes. The function enables to raise/drop the set point temperature by 2 degrees when the air conditioned space is not used for a short time periods.

CentralPad - Communication

Multiple Indoors Control

ThermoPad enables full individual control of up to 20 indoor units.

CentralPad - Smart Backlight

Smart Back Light

ThermoPad is equipped with Back Light. It is being lit for a few seconds on every touch. The Back Light is available in a number colors on demand. (Green, Blue and others)

CentralPad - Selectable Error Code format

Selectable Error code format

For each A/C manufacturer, the system malfunction is represented by a unique Error Code in a specific format. The ThermoPad is able to show the Error Code in a system compatible format.

CentralPad - IR Remote Control

IR Remote Control

ThermoPad has an option of using an external IR remote control for operation and service maintenance (like firmware update).


  1. Controlling of the VRF indoor units
  2. Controlling of the AHU (Air handling units)
  3. Zone control of the under floor heating


  • HVAC Compatibility

      • Outdoor Unit Types

        VRV Outdoors

        • RXYQ-M/P (VRV II,VRV III)
        • RQYQ-P, RQCEQ (RQEQ) , RYYQ-T (RYMQ), (VRV4)
        • RXYK (VRV)
        • RXYSQ-M/P (VRV Small)
        • RXY-M
        • RWEYQ
        • REYQ (REMQ), REYHQ
        • REAQ
        • RXYCQ-A
        • RQQ

        Split / Multi Split / Sky Air Outdoors

        • RXN (RKN)
        • RXS
        • RXG
        • 2MX,  3MX,  4MX, 5MX
        • RMX,
        • RZQ (RZR)
        • RQ

        Indoor Unit Types

        VRV Outdoors

        • FXCQ
        • FXNQ
        • FXLQ
        • FXFQ
        • FXKQ
        • FXZQ
        • FXDQ
        • FXDYQ
        • FXSQ
        • FXAQ
        • FXUQ
        • FXMQ
        • FXHQ
        • FXTQ
        • FQDP
        • FQSP
        • VKM
        • VAM

        Split / Multi Split / Sky Air indoors*

        • FTX
        • FDX
        • CDX
        • CTX
        • FVX
        • FFQ
        • FAQ
        • FBQ
        • FCQ
        • FHQ
        • FTQ
        • FDQ

        Multi, Split and Sky Air systems will also be compatible when using D3 Net interfaces (KRP928 or DTA112)

        * if your required models are not listed, please consult with us by email.
      • Outdoor Unit Types

        • MFL
        • EFL
        • SPW_CO
        • SPW-C
        • SPW-CR
        • SGP-EZ
        • SGP-EW

        Indoor Unit Types

        • NWFL
        • NDHP
        • NPFL
        • NPFL
        • NDSLP
        • NKFL
        • NFFL
        • NDLP
        • NK2FL
        • NFMFL
        • SPW-X
        • SPW-XM
        • SPW-ADR
        • SPW-SR
        • SPW-LDR
        • SPW-FUR
        • SPW-K
        • SPW-FMR
        • SPW-FTR
        • SPW-FR
        • SPW-KR
        • SPW-UMR
        • SPW-U

        * if your required models are not listed, please consult with us by email.

    • No items found
      • Outdoor Unit Types

        • MCY-MAP..HT
        • MMY-MAP..T8
        • MMY-MAP..HT8
        • MMY-MAP..FT8

        Indoor Unit Types

        • MMU-AP..H
        • MMU-AP..YH
        • MMD-AP..SPH
        • MML-AP..H
        • MMD-AP..HFE
        • MMU-AP..MH
        • MMD-AP..BH
        • MMC-AP..H
        • MML-AP..BH
        • MMU-AP..WH
        • MMD-AP..H
        • MMK-AP..H
        • MMF-AP..H

        * if your required models are not listed, please consult with us by email.


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