CoolMaster 4000M Mitsubishi Electric VRF

Product Description

CoolMaster 4000M is a versatile seamless control adapter connecting Mitubishi’s VRF air conditioning systems with any RS232 or USB featured devices like home PCs, embedded PCs or Home Automation controllers. Connecting such controllers through common RS232 or USB interfaces with the CoolMaster 4000M will provide end-users with full control of all Mitubishi’s VRF indoor units enabling them with access to HVAC’s various functionalities including diagnostic. Home Automation integrators and HVAC installers when utilising CoolMaster 4000M will not have to worry anymore about the complexity involved in understanding and working with Mitubishi’s internal communication line and gateways including their unique physical layer. Now, with the CoolMaster 4000M, Mitubishi’s integrators will be provided only with a simple, well documented open ASCII protocol over RS232 or USB to seamlessly integrate with any Home Automation applications.


CoolMaster Icon - Plug-n-Play

Seamless easy integration with Home Automation systems and PC’s applications

Interfacing Home Automation controllers with CoolMaster 4000M is a simple and straight forward process requiring only common ASCII commands over RS232 communication line.

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Same RS232 interface for all VRV/VRF HVAC systems

All CoolMaster models provide the same RS232 interface for all VRV/VRF HVAC systems. So for instance, a home automation application, where a LG VRF system is connected via CoolMaster 4000M, will function exactly the same way for Daikin VRV, Sanyo VRF, Toshiba VRF etc, when using CoolMaster models: 1000D, 2000S, 3000T respectively. No special interface adaptation will be required to migrate from one CoolMaster type to another.

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Full Control over Indoor Units Operation

On/Off control, Cool, Heat, Fan, Dry mode selection, Set Temperature control, Fan Speed control, Swing control (for wall mounted and cassette indoor units), Filter reset sign, Group operations (All On, All Off).

System Diagnostics

Outdoor units internal parameters: Condensing, Evaporation, Ambient Temperatures, EV Opening, System Power Consumption (current), Inverter Revolutions and others Indoor Units internal parameters: Return air, Gas and Liquid Temperatures, EV Opening. Those features are currently available for Daikin VRV, Mitsubishi Electric and Hitachi VRF air conditioning systems.

Indoor Units Monitoring

Failure Alarms, Set point temperature, Operation status (on/off) Operation mode (cool/heat/fan/dry), Fan speed (high/low), Filter sign, Swing.

Field Upgradable

New firmware can be uploaded via RS232 port. No need to open unit to change it’s functionality.

  • HVAC Compatibility

      • Outdoor Unit Types

        • PUHY
        • PURY
        • PQHY
        • PQRY
        • PUMY
        • PUHYP250YJM-A

        Indoor Unit Types

        • PKFY
        • PFFY-PVKM
        • PLFY-P-VCM
        • PEFY-P-VMS1
        • PFFY-P-VLRM
        • PCFY-P-VGM
        • PLFY-P-VLMD
        • PEFY-P-VMM
        • PFFY-P-VLEM
        • PLFY-P-VBM
        • PMFY-P-VBM
        • PEFY-P-VMH
        • PEFYP50VMA-E
        • PEFYP100VMA-E
        • PEFYP32VMA-E
        • PEFY-P63VMA(L)-E
        • PVFY-P

        * if your required models are not listed, please consult with us by email.

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