ThermoPad-S for Sanyo

Communicating touch screen control panel for Sanyo indoor units


ThermoPad-S is a new touch screen control panel for controlling Sanyo indoor units. It's "flat with the wall" design is fully compatible with different Bticino and Gewiss 3 modules plastic covers makes it very convenient and flexible for any interior design. The built in temperature sensor and the ability to interlock I/O's enable ThermoPad-S to control not only the air conditioning, but also external (additional) heating in the same zone. As an example, along with the air conditioning, ThermoPad-S can control an additional Heating with Auxiliary Electrical Heaters (or underfloor heating) using "Auxiliary Heating" mode.



Thermopad - 6 Selectable Operation Modes

6 Selectable Operation Modes

Six operation modes (Cool, Heat, Fan, Dry, Auto, Auxiliary Heat) are available and can be individually enabled or disabled to meet specific HVAC system application requirements.

ThermoPad - Timer Functions

Timer Functions

ThermoPad-S supports Weekly and Sleep Timers. Weekly Timer allows to program the unit for up to 50 operations based on a weekly schedule. The Sleep Timer allows turning the unit on/off, once, after defined time period.

ThermoPad - Controlling Additional Heating Applications

Controlling Additional Heating Applications

When using "Auxiliary Heat" mode ThermoPad-S can be used for controlling additional heating, such as heating with electrical heaters or underfloor heating, using its on board programmable Digital/Analog PWM outputs.

ThermoPad - Smart Backlight

Smart Back Light

ThermoPad-S is equipped with backlight. It is being lit for a few seconds on every touch. The backlight is available in a number colors on demand. (Green, Blue and others)

ThermoPad - Communication


ThermoPad is fully Compatible with Sanyo A B communication line. As an option, it can also be controlled over RS485 network using standard ModBus RTU protocol or propitiatory ASCII interface.


  • Controlling and monitoring of the Sanyo indoor units.
  • Combined control of the indoor unit and additional auxiliary heating (electrical heaters or underfloor heating).
  • Interlocking different systems with air conditioning control (such as: lighting, motion sensors, door openings, etc.).



ThermoPad wiring table for Sanyo

ThermoPad wiring table for Sanyo


ThermoPad-S is connected directly to the A B terminals on Sanyo indoor units. No additional power supply is required.





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